Director: Saman Kesh

Placebo and Simon Kash are up to their ‘who, what, where, why’ tricks again in this ultra cinematic scene analysed to a GCSE standard in the least. The subject matter is as sexy and sordid as it is trivial. The triviality is of course what makes it standout, much like their previous project: Placebo’s Too Many Friends.

Placebo’s track again slips in seamlessly in what I hope is the 2nd of many in this Saman Kesh x Placebo collaboration. Mr Kesh is a strong writer as the two stories based around a few seconds interaction show but he hasn’t stopped there. Having a short win awards is a clear indicator of talent (DUH…) and as such Saman has, with Controller, shown us just what we can expect in the future. Have a watch of an increasingly surreal situation below: