Director: ???

This is how you do it, plain and simple. Quite who did it, I’m not so sure. Regardless, editing the incredibly French Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s performance of Fire into the 6+ minutes of slick comical brilliance above was a masterstroke that needs to be claimed. Its not trying to be perfect, almost like me or you singing along going full power when we think no ones watching. Lizzy’s giving it her all, she don’t care. Those moves.

Without a director to focus on this isn’t really Word Is Cheap at it’s best but really, who cares? No one (…rhetorical question). Also retro re-edits of variety shows are as they say in France, magnifique. There’s nothing ambiguous about the below promo, it is both perfect and hilarious. Thank goodness they won!



Director: Dirty Haris

With a deserted website desperately awaiting renewal Dirty Haris is a mysterious psyeudonym’d man. A man so mysterious I usually wouldn’t attempt to write about, it’s just, animation projects are so hot right now.

With footage from the 1975 animated film, Coonskin with Barry White in the cast this is a dark re-imagining of the Looney Tunes complete with a Thugz Bunny (cheeky pun I know). The project for a relatively small release should be unknown, that is if, Mr. Haris hadn’t unleashed this quality of visual. *SPOILER ALERT* The climax threw me but what was I expecting, ACME bullets to miss by their own volition? It is this contradiction of cartoon movie vs gritty downtown 1970s African America that surprised me, upset me; I felt for Bear.



(watch this while planning that spontaneous adventure)

After some pretty fruitless research I’ve come to the (probably wrong) assumption that this and Joe Bel’s other music videos are DIY jobbies. Much like Steve Jobs at Apple, Joe Bel has compiled a complete creative circle, from writing the song, to singing it and then visualising it. Its all so natural thus naturally it works.

This easy breasy video is the perfect pick-me-up. Positive, uplifting and off-cuff enough to seem completely effortless. The sun is FINALLY out in London so before you get out there enjoy this for what it is. Freedom visualised.