Director: Sia & Daniel Askill

We here at word is cheap have and will always love Sia. Her roller coaster career has been a joy to listen to. Emotive barely describes it whilst Sia has put her feelings into notes for years. The slow rise of positivity has been impossible to ignore from Colour The Small One to We Are Born with this video being a great step considering her recent admission of darkness almost prevailing. This directing push is a joy to behold, a knack all artists should consider.

Sia has had support on this occasion. The dancer is lets be honest incredible. Maddie Ziegler from the US reality series Dance Moms mixes mediums to make all other children feel inadequate. The kind of girl who is either loved or despised as she can literally do a standing front flip. Who doesn’t want to do a standing front flip!? There are obvious Sia moments within the choreography, bits that make the performance unique, pat the belly leg out dance is sure to be a classic soon but I guess that depends whether you love Sia like we do. She makes people smile and that in the least is a gift to the world. Pardon the gushing. With Daniel Askill in partnership it’s of no surprise the shooting is on point with what must’ve been a steady job from the cameraman. No wonder “reliable” internet sources are describing this as their video of the year so far.



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