Director: Mark Romanek

Business Insider have brought back to our attention the well documented rumour that Michael (and Janet) Jackson’s Scream is the most expensive music video of all time. Everyone knows that right? It’s fitting Michael holds that title considering his mini-movie efforts in the 80s that brought a new found attention to the music video platform and well pretty much every music video he ever made was fantastic. At a reported $10.7m it truly is astounding they managed to spend that much money. To put that it into perspective, Mad Max and Napolean Dynamite cost $400k, The Blair Witch Project $25k and Clerks under $30k. Feature films! Did they shoot Scream in space!?

What is interesting is that Madonna has nailed three of the other top five spots (go on Madge!) and in an age of austerity Britney Spears was allowed to spend $6.5m in 2013 on ‘Work Bitch’. Nuts. At least Scream has had some kind of lasting affect as Ciara and Nicki Minaj’s ‘I’m Out’ shows and Mark Romanek is still considered value for money having recently directed Jay Z’s ‘Picasso Baby’. Although imitated in style no one beats the Jackson family dream team, until they really do shoot a music video in space.


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