Director: Jamie-James Medina


Original Feature in: Promo News

In a heavily Hitchcock inspired promo we get to see the more grown-up ‘baggy-trousers’ influenced King Krule. It’s a fun concept who’s strengths lie in it’s ability to step into Hitchcock’s world of old and bring it to the modern day.

Jamie-James Medina has been a long time collaborator with King Krule so their synergy is unsurprising. JJ M could already write memoirs the life he has led. Photography, record label, print publishing and directing, a serious media mogul in the making. We caught up with Jamie-James Medina for a quick chat why it had to be Alfred Hitchcock, how they recreated his illusion and his thoughts on photography and directing.

WORD IS CHEAP: Having previously worked with King Krule, was it always the plan to work together again?

Jamie-James Medina: I guess so, for me it definitely was. If I’m not filming Archy and King Krule, I might be taking photos and working with his label, so I love being involved. I just knew it would be fun cutting to A Lizard State. I always wanted to do that video.

With the possibility some young people, fans of King Krule, won’t know too much about Alfred Hitchcock, were you worried the cultural reference could be lost?

Nah, I don’t think we worried about that at all. Archy and I are Hitchcock fans and thats all we thought about. There were two Hitchcock biopics in 2012 and he’s still a huge part entertainment and culture. Vertigo replaced Citizen Kane as the greatest film of all time in BFI’s list of the best movies. And musically, King Krule’s references reach way back sometimes, so I just have to assume that people get it.

Where and how did you come across such fascinating footage?

The Alfred Hitchcock Presents series is so great. I watch that show all the time when I travel. Cinema looked down on TV back then and there is this suggestion that Hitchcock was kinda slumming it with a television show, but every episode is brilliant. And his intros are just so good. You could take any intro from any episode to set up a music video and it would work. And I love that format of intro and outros for shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Twilight Zone, so I wanted to work with that idea.

Did you recreate the illusion effect?

We did, we built the set from scratch to match the original footage. And the set had to move from upright, with the camera tilted, to laying flat to get the dolly shots.

Your portrayal of King Krule is not that of a gawky teenager, very different from your previous portrayal in ‘The Noose of Jah City’, was that your aim?

I didn’t really think about that – he just grew up naturally. And the suits are a part of his live show, so maybe Archy was thinking about that.

Having photographed stars such as Lady Gaga, Jay Z, and Kanye West, do you feel that being a professional photographer affects you as a director?

A little bit, yeah – just in my personal experience. I’ve worked as an editorial photographer for 10 years and you’re searching for THE SHOT. A great moment or a great portrait. But with video, a narrative has to unfold and build over time and move through acts and that’s something I learned on the job. So many photographers are moving from still images into film (out of necessity), but it’s such a different medium. And for me photography is a very singular act – I take the photo. But film is so collaborative and I’m still trying to figure that part of it out.


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