Director: Paul Gore

As Paloma Faith goes slightly more commercial in ‘Can’t Rely On You’ (is that Pharrell I hear!) an incredibly ambitious promo provides the visuals. Almost as if to condense a feature-length film into 3:49, a lot happens and I’ll have to be honest, I didn’t really get it at first. What was truly obvious though is that Paloma really does speak beautiful Italian. And then it clicked, she just can’t rely on men, if there were a version of the word man that meant a LOT of men I would use it. Not at the casual cult, not the dashing driver, not even the bald bather. Meeeeeeeen.

A part of the every growing Somesuch & Co, Paul Gore is accomplished with his final product. Shots are well thought out, lighting is complimentary, sets are interesting yet Paloma’s porcelain skin and fiery hair manage to draw the eye, no wonder she has meeeeeeeen. Extravagence is a penchant of Paul’s, he truly knows how to pin the silk tail to the pedigree donkey. Extravagence at ease. Encore.

Note: in there somewhere there’s a pun on indulgence and roman catholic indulgences. I couldn’t slip it in. ‘Just can’t rely on you’.


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