2013 . ROUND . UP
Lets be honest, it is impossible to create a definitive round-up. Every video on this blog is a favourite, that’s why they’re here! It’s always good to reflect, Lorde on the blog 6 months ago, predicting BANKS would make the BBC Sound of 2014 list in Apirl and starting to interview directors. Below is a list of my top 5 favourites, not to say they are the best or the worst but they are my favourite, in each something caught both my eye and imagination. Enjoy:
‘Cool’ visualised. Strong in every aspect this has to be my favourite video of the year and should become a feature-length!
Devilishly dark comedy at it’s best. The end caught me off-guard and gave me giggles.
A truly beautiful and stylish animation, part of the key to it’s brilliance is the intergration of animation sound into the track for the video.
Simply unique.
The most beautiful video of the year for me, the mood is depicted perfectly summed up by the horses slipping into shot then bolting at the bridge. Somehow the song was made better (again).

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