Director: We Are From LA

Original Feature in: Promo News

Sometimes the term gets bandied around, but there’s no question that anyone is exaggerating here. Pharrell’s Happy is billed as the world’s first 24 hour music video. And they are not kidding, it’s true and it’s brilliant.

The brainchild of Pharrell’s creative director Yoann Lemoine – aka Woodkid – and French directing team We Are From LA, this is one where you just tune in, and then you zone out – with a smile on your face – at any hour, day or night. Just catch a delightful dancer moving through LA, singing along to Happy. Or watch Pharrell put forward his own performances every hour – in another outstanding outfit.

With cameos from Odd Future, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Carrell and Jamie Foxx and many, many more, there are tons of hidden treats to explore and easily share or tweet. I would recommend 4:30pm for some serious cuteness.

We’ve been spoilt for choice recently by interactive music videos if you remember the likes of Kanye West and Nick Knight’s BLKKK SKKKN HeadMoone – Better Energy slur of a music video and even within the same week Bob Dylan’s interactive TV-set effort. This trend is happily set to continue as the heavyweights are taking on the indie acts at their own game, bringing their own innovative ideas and this time with a whole new level of resources.

And what must of been a logistical nightmare comes across flawless. It took 11 days to shoot – walking 8 miles a day with steadicam gear. But in fact this endurance test is what it took to make history. The direction is key and essentially what ties the project together creating a real sense of cohesion. Not new to inspiring the world We Are From LA often create international campaigns for brands, their most famous to date the technically brilliant Baby & Me for Evian. Having directed music videos for Kanye West, The Shoes and Citizens! be certain that this duo are the real deal.

And who knew Yoann Lemoine could possibly have the time to creative direct Pharrell’s gigantic career while also being Woodkid? Fresh from releasing footage from his live tour, Yoann his hand in this massive project. Not content with the Despicable Me 2 version, the pair clearly believed something else twas needed that would grab the world’s attention.

The final touch, and every great idea has one, is creating a catchy condensed version that makes the impractical, practical. So if you don’t have a whole day to spare enjoy the below. If you do though be sure to give check it out here.


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