Director: Helmi

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Here is a story you can enjoy straight from the horse’s mouth, literally! Brodinski and Theophilus London partying in LA. That’s a day you want to see and somehow you can thanks to Division Paris’ new recruit Helmi. Through a no-shot-too-seedy* promo flirting from business to pleasure, or rather studio to the strip club, Brodinski comes across like a boss who knows how to work hard and play hard.

First time director Helmi is by no means ‘new to the game’. Rather he chartered an uncommon route through a sea of faces making the step from casting to director. In what can’t have been an easy move, the step was made with confident style. I’m sure the invaluable experiences gained inbetween working with contacts you would soon be relying on, couldn’t have hurt. We had the chance to find out in our chat with Helmi about what it’s like to work at Division Paris, what Brodinski is like to hang out with and just how he managed to actually film the promo.

*Well almost no-shot-too-seedy… Find out below!

WORD IS CHEAP: As your first project with the illustrious Division Paris, were you nervous at all?

Helmi: Not at all, Division is the best atmosphere I’ve known for work. The ambience is always good, like a positive pressure…

Although not his first video, it’s always great to have some visuals accompanying a Brodinski track, how did this come about?  

It was during a party of course, I knew him for a while and came up with the concept, he had a track he needed a music video for, few drinks after we were on a plane to L.A. with all the Bromance crew and Division.

I get the feeling Brodinski would be fun to hang out with, was the aim to show what a typical day in his life is like?

It’s not fun to hang out with Brodinski he’s always on the run, we had 4 days to shoot & prep everything, camera tests included.

At the same time he was producing his album, meeting people and managing his label. It looks cool from the outside, but trust me that guy is a workalchollic. That’s maybe why he’s here. Beside this he’s the best L.A. guide you’ll ever meet. The town is his.

The tone is extremely candid, was this actually the case when shooting?

Well let’s say, we didn’t get the right to edit everything we shot…

I know I’m not the only one who just can’t work it out. Did you actually put a camera inside a mouth to film this?

It’s funny most of the people think it’s fake. But no it’s real, no post production, 100% real. Everything was really shot from his mouth I invented a system to be able to shoot from this point of view with the help of a dentist and a prothesis, and he can drink and eat not talking but this was never done before. So i’m happy because I think music video have to be a good experimental ground for directors.

* Check out Luke Tierney’s blog, Word Is Cheap, or his Twitter @wordischeap, for more thoughts on his favourite music videos.


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