Director: Wolf Haley

Everyone knows Tyler’s a creator but what people don’t know is the dudes genuinely seriously creative. Artist, designer, actor, singer, rapper, producer, musician, director. All I’ve been hearing is how “he’s so mdmaamn mmmaaalmmenmmded”. Well I think that’s what people say but its hard to tell with Tyler’s balls in their mouth. Fair enough though as Tyler, does Tyler and I’m sure he has advisers in different areas but his crew and he have done things differently for years. Kudos.

Introducing, Wolf Haley, one of Tyler’s many alter-egos. Wolf is the guy that Tyler really wants to be, who he looks up to whilst battling against as he gushes here. This isn’t his first go at directing, far from it and I hope it won’t be his last (it won’t). Who else could attack the sometimes ridiculous nature of American society whilst not losing face bouncing on the biggest most jigglingest booty you’ve ever seen. Its a move only the bold yet PR clever could make with a touch of young and free about it. Young, free and balls out. What’s not to like.


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