Director: Paul Labonté

Having directed one of the breakthrough tracks of the last 5 years, Azealia Banks’ infamous 212, Paul Labonté is a modern day renaissance man. I’m not even sure directing is his preferred outlet as his website explains; “He has over sixteen years working experience as a photographer, writer, director, publisher, consultant and curator”. Directing is only 3rd on the list! Yet here I am loving his work. He definitely also has an ear for talent with his track selection of work at the high end of independent. I bet he’s semi-smuggly smitten with his situation. You can feel that he loves what he does. I would be too.

Often opting for black & white when filming, it’s of no surprise that Paul is a photographer. Light becomes his play thing bringing to life the every day. Sight is refreshed, enhanced, you become engulfed here to the point you only realise she’s talking about her cat in the last 5-seconds. This promo has everything the internet adores; a cute cat, a cute girl, a cute smile (seriously, I think I’m in love). All it’s missing is a laughing baby falling over mid-twerk while taking a selfie.


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