Director: Mister Whitmore

When did grime get so fashion led? Forward thinking’s the game and Scrufizzer’s definitely winning (ignoring the chorus…). Firstly, bringing in Zed Bias to produce a banger and secondly, and may I add most importantly, he hired Mister Whitmore to direct the promo. Open spaces, bold colours and marching mannequins mix in what pop should aspire to. Was that a VW Campervan?? Just when you think it’s peaked, a couple of Sub-Zero looking mothers confront a Scorpion Scrufizzer. Mortal Kombat in its oldest brotherly rivalry. Bang!

Mister Whitmore has an eye for colour. It’s everywhere, from the setting to the clothing, never crossing the line into the garish or obvious. Loud yet subtle. Surprisingly then, black and white is often employed; in what I expected to be a shame turns out to be continued grace. Still, colour’s where it’s at and should for Mister Whitmore continue to be. Repping Sonny and working for the likes of Nike and Blackberry, now we just need more 90s references. Look out for Screech in the next one.


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