Director: Jamie Thraves

It is with pleasure that we can announce Jamie Thraves has once again blessed us with his creativity, and whilst promoting future talent to boot. Giving back is not a duty, others should follow from Jamie’s example by giving the next generation a real chance to learn, progress and prosper. As I explained in an earlier WIC post, and thus real rough around the edges writing, Jamie exploded onto the scene with the legendary Radiohead video for “Just” and has established himself as a firm fixture ever since.

It is thus, as aforementioned, with great pleasure that he has partnered up with Go Think Big to give a real hand to the next generation of budding film-makers. It is no longer sufficient to get good A-Levels, a 2:1 degree from a good Uni and expect to get a decent job that pays you for your help. A generation is lost, and blogging/tweeting/facebooking/vine-ing/pinning about it. Go Think Big are the latest offering this time from o2 and Bauer Media to battle this problem in a big business, big picture manner. Commendable.  Additionally they’ve given us this upbeat fun times video with the Rizzle Kicks’ boys, something we’ve come to expect from the two mixed-race, multi-talented, cheeky chaps. What’s not to like?

Check the behind the scenes to see how they’re helping:


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