Director: Sam Brown

Both being serious repeat offenders when it comes to great promos it makes perfect sense for local Londoner’s, London Grammar to enlist Rogue Film’s Sam Brown for help. Having already sky rocketed, featuring at Glastonbury, a strong video can really push your audience reach and with tracks like theirs, it simply is a matter of time.

Sam’s use of black, white and everything inbetween for Adele (Rolling In The Deep) and Jay Z (On To The Next One) took music videos in an interesting new direction, fusing performance shots with art. Its only seeing them together that you can feel Sam’s presence and start to understand why he’s as successful as he is. Although it takes flexibility to satisfy varying artistic needs a washed pallet and soft edge are his repeated weapons of choice and employed to devastating effect.

This video is no different and I know what you’re thinking. Its almost as if a Dad who’s daughter didn’t make the ‘make a wish’ foundation shortlist had seen Katy Perrie’s Firework’s promo and thought: “my daughter deserves that, but awesomer”. And why not! Again a mixture of performance featuring the surprisingly beautiful lead singer, Hannah Reid, and art(?) creates a fun and engaging promo. It almost seems too easy for Sam. Your move future stars.


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