Director: Romain Chaissang

You can see why the Royal Mail’s so messed up. 10+ people for one bloody package! With multiple references to the silver screen with Romain citing “killers settling scores, like in classic movies like The Godfather, Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction” as references, this truly is an incredible homage to cinema. I mean, it is essentially cinema for the small screen; we’ve got endless locations, killers, weapons and even a semi-suspect story-line. No, not the what’s in the briefcase sub-plot, the fact that the first character is infact the last person to die, having “left him in the dunes”. Say whaaaaaaaa. Trippy.

With the track being called Fade Away, the promo is carelessly close to perfect. So, where does Romain Chassaing go from here in the promo world? Well more of the same really, as an understandably established director in multiple fields, his recent work for Louis Vuitton really is just the last of the cement that’s keeping him ‘sleeping with the fishes’ of talent. Dangerously beautiful. Post-production and pastels dominate in what seems to be a reaccuring theme of the Paris based artist, very much unlike his work for Vitalic, very much underscoring his undoubtable ability. French obviously.


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