Director: Lee Skinner

Every town’s got one right? Unfortunately where I live they don’t dress like cowboys and urban line-dance everywhere… (its more a I’m going to ‘fish’ in the Thames all day vibe around here). This delightful character is ‘Jed the dancing guy’ from Jessy Lanza’s hometown of Hamilton, Canada. Its not just the fact we’ve got a ‘guy’ that dances everywhere. Lee Skinner’s managed to make the curious, interesting. Through a mixture of neighbourhood watch-esque shots and serene slow-mos, the mood is captured perfectly. It is honest because it is authentic. He does what makes him happy and it shows, one manly pirouette at a time.

With what seems like Lee Skinner’s first bite of the ‘officially directing’ apple, he has created a candid semi-doc of what he and all other Hamiltonians’ call life. Although pleasurable for the simplest of reasons (I’m as basic as they come…), my favourite aspect is the subtle promotion or annoyingly teasing non-promotion of the lead singer herself. Promo’s are made to promote. Obviously. Promote the track, the album, the artist, so its intrigueing that although you think you may now know, there’s no way you can know her eye colour or even what her face looks like. I reckon brown. But that’s not the point.


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