Director: Pfadfinderei

This promo plays on a couple of recent trends I can’t help but be drawn too. As mentioned in the previous post, never ending visuals are a never ending vice of mine and in the post before, a love of layered images developed. The style enforced to bring the two together is childishly brilliant and allow Moderat‘s “Bad Kingdom” to both wash over and engulf you while somehow all you are left wondering is. Was that Michael Cane i see?

One thing’s for sure, Pfadfinderei understand sound and how best to frame it. An obviously multi-talented design collective, with a single purpose of creativity is a powerful tool. A tool Moderat have continued to favour with naturally improving results, which brings us to the above, an animated depiction of man’s incessant nature to always want, or possibly need, more. History repeats itself, ignore the deluded ‘back in my day’ cronies, Pfadfinderei, Moderat and brilliantly illustrated images hold the truth.



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