Director: Chris Toumazou

In a world where intimacy is often lacking, its of no surprise it is such an obsession within film. Can it be recreated? Would this work in real life? Well in surprisingly-often Creepsville, AKA Japan, they now have Cuddle Cafes (self-explanatory), so maybe. In the beautiful surroundings of a grey London or what we call “Summer”, the concept has to be taken with a pinch of salt. The key moment here is the protracted handing over of the money; as your mind scrolls through the good, the bad and the ugly, 10-seconds pass as the promo comes to its figurative climax. A moment so touching and understood you can’t help but smile. In the famous words of Cornershop: “everybody needs a bosom for a pillow”.

Chris has a real eye for colour, or rather the lack of it. Subtlety makes up his wardrobe, with a penchant for washed out pastels. A soft approach to the real life grit the UK has always offered. Dry British humour is a reaccuring theme, delicately done for Tropics, this is something hard to portray without words but that is exactly what Mr. Toumazou has mastered. Cheating slightly for previous work with My Panda Shall Fly the underlying wit is ever present. Proudly, the style couldn’t be any further from Hollywood, its Eastenders not 90210 and I love that.

Note: This premiered on Majestic Casual, a Youtube channel, replacing the generic beautiful image. Forward thinking at its brightest. Bravo.


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