Director: Sam Pilling

Sam Pilling’s rise to the top is almost unbelievable. If you’re alternative and want to look cool you now turn to Sam. Its easy to see why Mr. Pilling is so sought after, considering his role in helping establish SBTRKT, helping set out Usher‘s new electronic sound, to now making the king of moody, bluesy, dark RnB and his buddy Juicy J modern day Bad Mother Fuckers (Pulp Fiction fool). As niche’s go, dominating “cool” isn’t a bad look.

Hopefully taking reference from this real life Bad Mother Fucker, tension is inherent in this promo, something The Weeknd seems to be completely unfazed by. Lets be honest, he’s high as hell and doesn’t have a clue whats going on. His apparent distance from the situation just adds to the cold visual adding a new dimension to an otherwise straightforward Juicy J track. Music promos can, if done right, have an immeasurably positive impact on a track’s success and this is a true example of just that.


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