Director: Lara Singer

Talent can be timeless, from a 1969 performance on Top of the Pops to Lara Singer’s promo for Valentine, the voice is ever present. Peter Sarstedt is a stalwart of music, aged 72 its of no surprise that he does not feature in the promo. A truly intrigueing character, Peter was born in Delhi India settling in the UK at 13 with his British civil servant parents. With two pop star brothers (Eden Kane and Clive Sarstedt), music is in his veins.

Lara Singer has arrived. With a style that reminds me of GCSE English lit. classes its a great start to what can only be a bright future. Bringing us back to a time when love letters replaced the impersonal text/whatsapp/facebook, Ms. Singer’s soft touch helps one drift away with what feels like a dream by the end. Whether its as a writer, producer or director there is already a distinct Singer hue, something very established, very British. I can already imagine Richard E. Grant in a future short.


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