Director: Panteros666

In a world where goats running through corridors and dogs barking like gremlins counts as genuine entertainment, it’s of little surprise humans acting like animals also tickles your funny bones. This is no flash in the pan trend like ‘milking‘ or its lesser know little brother ‘porting‘, humans acting as animals is a time honoured tradition passing from generation to generation culminating in this 2013 gem, which lets face it, is some of the funniest shit you’ll see out there. This promo for I Am Un Chien!! is just as good (as is their name!). A simple idea brought to life with scary precision.

One quarter of Club Cheval, a collective of electronic DJs from Northern France who also includes Sam Tiba, Canblaster and Myd, Panteros666 is first and foremost a disc-jockey. His foray into music video direction is at the moment brief with only (well all I could find) a DIY job for his track Hyper Reality. A cyber influenced glimpse into a surreal macho existence of nothingness. Odd to say the least. ‘Humanity’ again takes literal reference to the track-title and again in a twisted way but thankfully this time the twist is simple good time grins. Viva Humanity!


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