Director: Vincent Haycock

I didn’t realise I was already a fan of Vincent Haycock’s work until I started writing this. With multiple Vimeo Staff picks to his name it seems like I’m not the only one. A UKMVA and MTV VMA nomination and award respectively (both for Calvin Harris videos) Mr. Haycock is comfortably established to say the least. Moving on now to more artsy music videos is, for me, great. Again using the setting to maximum effect, the move to more artsy music videos is seemless and premiered by Nowness no less. It seems Mr. Haycock’s appeal transcends industry ignoring the subtle differences in fickle fashion types and 14 year-old girls.

For Raffertie’s “Build Me Up” it is without a doubt the use of the cast that brings to life the promo. Centralised around the Mays boys, local lethareos, their voice overs are quintessential to the mood  created. Cinematically following the three brothers through their “hood” (short for neighbourhood son, get to know), a sci-fi touch and emotive story line add the final dimensions. You feel like you’re in South Central, LA, as everything is brought together so naturally; the director explains “Every cast member is their friend, son, or cousin, and all the locations are their houses and neighborhood”.


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