Director: Alan Ferguson

Rarely does the glitz and glamour of Popstardom (its a secret place Beyonce and Jay-Z rule and Simon Cowell is sheriff) make its way onto my blog but Janelle Monae is just too good to ignore. Collaborating with Erykah Badu shows the old guard respect the new and Janelle has all the necessary talent to be a superstar. Unlike her other videos (look out for the James Brown* hype in this one) its not all about dance but performance. Don’t get it twisted she’s still got the moves to make you not care when she notices you staring.

Although you would think it an easy task to coax out the kind of performance from Janelle that personifies sparkiness (and it is) none before him have done it as well as Alan Ferguson. Unsurprising if you look at Mr. Ferguson’s CV including directing Beyonce, Jay-Z, John Legend & Andre 3000 music videos. A consistent level of creativity and high production values means the final step of the ladder to the “BIG TIME” and a AAA pass to Popstardom cannot be far. Back-story’s a giggle too.

*Note: Ever seen James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince on stage together?


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