This really tickled me despite the slight undertones of darkness creeping through. I honestly feel like I now know John Grant AKA “The Loner” AKA the greatest mother-fucker of them all. I really hope the character created is a caricature of the man himself, even down to his website. A friendly giant with a penchant for basketball, furry animals and skin-care. If there was ever a soft uplifting track to listen to on your way to that job interview with that great company you really want to work for but don’t want to be too aggressively pumped for, it is this track.

Alternatively you can enjoy the delicately funny video Lucy Luscombe has created. Ms. Luscombe’s most recent work, commissioned by VICE for Channel 4 and winner of the BFI Future Film Award, depicts her more serious side as both writer and director. Another short that manages to create depth beyond the 3+minutes should allow. A side (literally) rewarded but for me its the subtle nuances of comedic awkwardness without coming across too try-hard that I really enjoyed.


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