Little can be said of David Bowie that hasn’t already; numerous times. The man’s a genius/legend/Jesus(?)/insert superlative here/a real cool guy. The music video, which was mistakenly removed from Youtube (who have become very prudish in their old age), is exactly what I wanted to see from Bowie. Star quality with some stylised edge. A risk-taker, boundary-pusher. NOT Beyonce-Germanly-efficient-safety, real star quality. Prostitutes vs Priests has to be the next MET gala theme!

Floria Sigismondi has previously worked with Bowie on the ‘Best of Bowie’ video doc so its great she’s having a second bite of the apple with this outrageous short movie. Bringing in the likes of Gary Oldman and Marrion Cotillard was a master-stroke. Two brilliant actors loved for the beauty they bring, shot with silver-screen class. The brilliant prove their brilliance.

Note: Beyonce is obviously ‘da bomb’ loved by all, as Ta-Ku proves here.


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