Much like Disclosure who originally hit the big time through a mixture of real tight accessible productions and one of the sexiest videos of all time racking up millions of hits, Cleavage know exactly how to let sex sell their on point remix of R Kelly’s Bump N Grind. Its a remix yes, but all the qualities are on show for some serious original productions, hopefully in time for the Summer.

A little trend I’ve started to see in the US of Aspiring directors is the slickly produced ‘Unofficial Video’. A trend thats great, the question is though, HOW CAN THEY AFFORD TO DO IT! Maybe its a whole different ball game out there (baseball), regardless, these two have their own ways of doing it. And by doing it, I mean doing it SEXY. Nairi goes in with the compilation of sexy chicas while Greenweedz123 is supposedly the KING of getting hot girls to prance on camera for all teenage-boys pleasure. These two have brought sexy back in their collaboration for Cleavage. This new approach reminds me of the first dance music videos (think Michael Gray’s – The Weekend) when there was no band or star to focus on so naughty bits and “dancing” took centre stage. Non-creative at its most gloriousness.


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