(watch this while preparing for those Summer good time vibes)

For some reason almost a year after Thrift Shop came out and was giggled it blew up becoming the anthem that almost cost this man his life. I believe the technical term for what Macklemore & Co. have done is “GONE IN” on this promo. It seriously was an “and Co.” effort, I stopped counting at 50 different people involved before getting bored. From start to finish the only word to use to describe the increasingly extravagent passing of the flag is: epic. A ridiculous word for a music video but there you go. So maybe two words, epic and ridiculous.

Ryan Lewis (Collaborator & Co-Director) isn’t a fan of the term ‘Director’ and on a huge production like this, you can understand why. So many people work together to create something of this scale, so why should one person, one name, get all the credit. Well in this case, he/she/they won’t. Just imagine loads of people working REALLY hard and give them each a virtual pat on the back. They’ll like that.

Note: Although I joke, the sharing of credit is a great and almost always unseen endevour. Cue the BRASS-BAND SOLO!


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