(watch this while wondering; how has it came to this?)

I cannot explain Daughter better than the top comment to this video (you should honestly always read them): “Daughter reminds me of a softer Florence and the Machine. Like if Florence Welch died and her ghost came back to sing haunting melodies.” 208 thumps up for you Melissa Cousins. You go Melissa Cousins!

The duo from up north, Iain Forsythe & Jane Pollard, don’t often direct music videos but it seems they have a subtle (sexual) knack for it. They have managed to directly promote the band whilst also having scope for a creative and in this case harrowing video. The band are essentially narrating in this short thus bringing to life their tale, like pied-piper-peeping-toms.

Still, almost as if the narrators are invisible the video manages to create empathy. Perhaps because I’ve been there before, the empathy is all the more resounding but this for me is what music videos should be about. A short journey that compliments the music and affects the watcher. Regardless, a big shout has to go to the eternal pretty boy Jack Waldouck for doing his thing. Making hot girls cry. JOKES; acting. Keep an eye out for this one.


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