(watch this and never back down)

Having given such emotional direction for Birdy’s cover of 1901, this is a very different challenge for Nez. A challenge he deserved to meet, match and conquer, which he does with aplomb. Having said that, this is the music video equivalent of Avatar, a great story well shot but you know exactly whats going to happen which is only partly offset by the expected good feeling at the end. Regardless, Nez has tackled this story line very effieciently, much like a German football team in a penalty shoot-out. Quality.

Rudimental are fast joining the elite who repeatedly use music videos in a creative manner. I’m not talking about the legend types; Michael Jackson, Kanye West and Justice who have set the bar. A more fair comparison is to The Shins, Black Keys and Alt J who have a damn good go each and every video they release. The serious repeat offenders. In Rudimental’s case: The Serial Storyteller. And this story is no less unique than the last. All there is to say is: enjoy.


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