(watch this while looking for reassurances in order vs anarchy)

If you like order, uniformity, structure or gain reassuring endorphin-producing-goodness from symmetry, this is one for you. Good vs bad, order vs messiness, straight lines vs squiggles. It’s on. Reminiscent of Homer Simpson’s invasion of a 3rd dimension in Homer(cubed), this plane is as ordered as Om Unit’s beats.

Bison have brought a real strength in image through simplicity alongside dashes of colour. In its own little way the promo is incredibly epic and possibly retelling the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy if you really think about it. Not just a one off, I’m also really liking their promo for The Good Natured’s – Video Voyeur. It seems simplicity vs minimal colour is a winner. No wonder they were nominated Best New Directors at the UKMVA in 2012.


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