(watch this while assembling the crew)

Ok. I think this is dope. Yessir. She’s one crazy MIA emulating chick but there’s more to her (/them) than that. Although on the surface it seems like, you know, she’s just a tri-hard, dig a little deeper and you’ll see that she’s put in her time touring and collaborating throughout South Africa with other aspiring artists while writing songs in Zulu, Afrikaans and Xhosa just for fun. The provocative style, attitude, and those LIPS. All are what we’ve come to expect from the Missing In Acton songstress (yeah that’s what MIA stands for, born in Hounslow don’t you know), yet here we find it in a new vessel: Skip + Die.

Possibly a young pretender to the throne of alternative pop, or she’s just young and pretending. I’ll make sure to find out on the 22nd Nov @ Cargo. Directed by Cata Pirata (the lead singer) and Romy Tielman, this video for me, looks fully on point. Bonus points for male twins. Edgy. Maybe there’s also a point to it, like an undercurrent of angst against society culminating in a pool-party of rebellion, who knows? I just think it looks good.


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