(watch this while sitting in ‘The Thinker’ position)

Its not often that a music video really makes you think (if you can be bothered) and can infact have a lot of different meanings but Blake Claridge has managed to do both with the help of Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis) and Naomi from Skins third and fourth series fame (the incredibly named Lily Loveless).

Blake Claridge has created a few promos in the last year for the likes of Sway feat. Kano and others but none as intense as this. Or thought provoking shown through this eloquent Youtube user:

I think the bone is like… “a left over” from a previous relationship Lily’s character had, where the guy gave her everything. She won’t fully let that guy go until Matt’s character “gives that much of himself” to her, which he doesn’t want to do because that can be very painful.

Profound. I felt the bone represented a past husband and Lily was previously a widow but a friend (the deepest of thinkers Kate Lewis) got a little darker and felt it represented a miscarriage which was tearing the relationship apart. In hindsight I prefer the darker interpretation.


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