(watch this while reconsidering the breezeblock table)

OH YES! Backwards video time (…not to be confused with peanut butter jelly time). Is there a better backwards music video out there?? DON’T THINK SO (even if Jamie Thrave’s The Scientist counts). Bit of a tune too. The Brooklyn based Ellis Bahl is taking a break from his recent collaborator Alex Fischer and bull-dozing past any earlier attempts at creative spaffs onto film.

EASILY his best yet (although Robin Bacior – Ohio is pretty cool) and fairly new to the game still, this is more than impressive. The video leaves a lot to the imagination but what it doesn’t is extremely powerful and vivid. Edge of your seat stuff revolving around a breezeblock!

A photographer too! Check his tumblr here.


One thought on “ELLIS BAHL x ALT-J (∆)

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