(watch this while lounging in the sun waiting for the b-ball court to free up)

You expect visuals to match the audio but in this case its all just so on point its painful. These boys have a video which is essentially a  4 minute 56 second logo. From start to finish it represents everything they are. Laidback. Cool. Um, rappers. The list is endless. Basic video with a backpack rap style brings you back to the days of A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde and Jurassic 5. Fun, upbeat, light and no mention of bitches, blunts and drive-bys.

Brought to us by Taylormade Video Vision or TV2, these boys are the Michigan equivalent of our very own GreenDore. Young, talented and driven to succeed. New to the game and I mean ONLY 45 likes on their facebook page new! (Just realised I’m only on 54 likes but I haven’t got over 300k hits on youtube!!). TV2 have worked with some big names in the game but I’m still looking forward to the day they drop their first big budget video and we get to see what they can really do.

note: loving the old school introductions to the crew like its the first day of school.


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