(watch this while roaming a pet shop, we all know what you’re going to buy)

Elephant in the room: WHAT A NAME! Taking ridiculous to the next level, she (or they) really haven’t held back. This Newcastle lass (or pet or whatever they say up north) had a mixed time on Later With Jools Holland as many do, being shunned into the limelight at such an early stage of their career. Lets be honest, Jools is on point with everyone he brings onto the show.  Their style is great, check out Liliputt for a Laura Marling meets Mumford & Sons kind of feel. Thanks Jools!

I don’t really understand this video from Juan Iglesias but its fun and full of character. Making a living from shooting Beth and Tashaki Miyaki, this director is far from established. Juan’s style is though, with all his videos presented in black and white. This is the first however with a starring role from a cute ass bunny. Back to the case of the confusing video: hooker turns magician? chess team and their incentivised training games? maybe the bunny represents talent/hope and the sex trade is the same as being 23 and living at home? If so I need to get me a motherfucking bunny as I’m tired of constantly getting fucked.


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