(watch this while  diving off first floors. Just. In. Case.)

Who ever organised this DREAM TEAM was and still is a genius… Another Hollywood star showing just how easy it is to devastate a music video solely through subtle acting and outlandish dance moves.  Who knew (LA Marriott) hotel lobbies could be so much fun! AND who knew Christoper Walkin could dance so well! I guess someone told him if you walk without rhythm you won’t attract the worm.

I could easily have picked a handful of Fatboy Slim videos to put up as boring is never an option, so it is no surprise  that this masterpiece was directed by the incredibly unique Spike Jonze (real name Adam Spiegel, doesn’t have quite the same power does it!). This man has done a hell of a lot, including directing of one of the strangest films of all time “Being John Malkovich” with his long time collaborator Charlie Kaufman (writer).


(watch this while taking out some punk police style)

Another classic, the Beastie Boys “Sabotage” summed up every popular police show based on the 70s. The epic pause in the middle, the man being flung out of the car and most of all, the facial hair! Parodying a TV series genre in a music video was revolutionary a new concept which needed the production values of a real director to pull it off. The video easily could have come across tacky and cheap but it definitely hasn’t. Spike’s latest full length feature was “Where The Wild Things Are” showing the real belief important people have in his talent. And why not!? Co-creator of Jackass, Academy Award nominated, co-owner of the Girl Skateboards company and has been married married and divorced to the similarly multi-talented Sofia Coppola. Boundaries do not exist for this man.


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