(watch this while, well, a few times just to get it)

It’s definitely an improvement on the unofficial video (and even this sexy(?) piece). SBTRKT explains the name refers to the fact Aaron Jerome wants to separate himself from the music, hopefully making it all about the music. It seems to have worked as the album is ridiculous. Forget that pseudonym’d BDMN for a moment as matching him blow-for-blow we have Mr. Sam Pilling. His crisp website bursting with his blatent talent helps set the mood. His promo for ‘Hold On’ takes a little time to understand but invokes a real sense of emotion the track itself demands. Give it time and you shall be rewarded.


(watch this while hung over and thirsty)

Taking a completely different approach from his second crack of the whip, ‘Wildfire’ is odd enough to be interesting but not too odd as to alienate. Not afraid to set the video in one small room with one very ill (I’m pretty sure she dies…) person, Sam Pilling has proved he can create an extremely gripping visual with the minimum of fuss. It seems like Sam is quite new to the game but is already really making an impression with his work. Definitely one to watch out for!


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