(watch this while deciding what noise your gun makes when it shoots)

NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! When I first saw this video I couldn’t help but laugh (very loudly in the office) while a whole host of childhood memories came flooding back. Megaforce sounds like a Transformer but alas is only a director. Another French influence in a cool video most likely down to the fact this London brigade are signed to the French clothing and music label Kitsune. Who knew. Regardless, this video is genius. Favourite bit has to be when he shoots the granny!


(watch this while well, singing-a-long)

Part of the Riff Raff collective, Megaforce has fun with directing, simple as. Regardless of whether working on music videos (the latest being Madonna’s return as the Queen of pop) or adverts (directing a Cadbury’s glass and a half production!), happiness ensues. Emphasis on animation throughout the Riff Raff directing collective highlights their forward thinking nature, not resting on the standard ideas of music videos that have been set in place. Metronomy’s ‘s “A Thing For Me” is no different, easily the best sing-a-long video out there!


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