(watch this while swimming in your outdoor pool)

I’ve already mentioned Yoanne Lemoine’s (AKA Woodkid’s) most recent foray as a music director with the super-popular, unlikable Lana Del Rey with what I would describe as an average music video in terms of participation and story, relying on clichés that Lana has had her career created on for her. The imagery was strong though thanks to the Kid with Wood’s ability to create presence. A re-release of Blue Jeans replaces the initial vintage “home-made” effort, leaving us with another great black and white music video (with a slightly different intro and slightly more professional production values).

The video oozes sexiness in a very Lana Del Rey way, which backed up by believable performances creates  a very watchable chemistry. Supposedly part of a trilogy of videos/story with this being the pre-Born To Die part, I’m hoping Woodkid will finish what he has begun as he nailed this video and the Lanapillar really is starting to grow into the cash-cow all her financial backers were promised.


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