(watch this while pretending your shower is a waterfall)

Having worked with every single person that matters in hip hop going all the way back to Tupac and Biggie, Hype created his own styles of music video with his most badman being the use of a widescreen ratio. Respected by EVERYONE he has already won the MTV Video Vanguard Award (2006) in honour of his achievements of consistently picking actually hot women in his videos.


(watch this while wearing sunglasses indoors)

Hype’s style has now developed into the epilepsy challenge we can see above. A mix-match of angles and Inception-esque mindfucks, turning the normal into, well, the less normal (rap battle@2:13). Often working with Kanye (18 times!), including writing the Runaway mini-movie, this man has done it all. I thought I’d have to find an excuse to blog about the Godfather of music videos but true to his form Hype Williams has dropped another classic in Paris. Do believe the Hype.


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